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Create a Plate
Create your own state license plate image!

Cool little desktop toys for your PC.. FREE!

Like Jelly Beans? FREE??
Get a FREE Jelly Belly sample!

Urban Legensds and Folklore
Have you ever gotten an email that sounds too good, sad or strange to be true? Check it out!

The Exploratorium
Check out these cool online exibits

Sensible Johnny
How about a funny little cartoon condom ad from the UK?
Informative and funny.

This site has all kinds of trivia.

Create some really great banners with this site!

The Room
Find out what your decorating choices say about you.
Fun and Bizarre.

The Institute
Check out this site where old pop culture comes popping out in a plethora of pages to delight and amuse you.

A place to buy crap for that special someone in your life.

Jokes, riddles and other nifty stuff to tease your brain.

The Disgruntled Housewife
A must see for all the odd, unusual and helpful things for the housewife (or husband!).

Brunching Shuttlecocks
Satire Comedy with a bit of Raunch.

Things To Kill Time
100's of nifty things to do and see to kill time.

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