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The red headed one with the lizard in her arms is my daughter Allisa. She loves animals and has many bizarre pets.

Allisa can be a lady once in a great while. Given enough time and charge cards!

The handsome (and single) young man is my son Alexander.He lives in Southern California, and enjoys all the outdoor sports available year round.
"Show us your tattoo Alex!"
This is one of the great dragon tattoos Alex has. Too bad I don't have a good picture of any of them, they are really cool looking!

This great guy is my daughters husband Brian. He seems to have been the perfect match for my daughter. No other man could handle her red headed temper!

The adorable little rock-n-roller, is my Grandson, Alexander. My daughter named him after her brother.

This messy young lady is Grandpa's little angel, Anastatia. She just got done wth a rather large BBQ Rib! "Yummy!!"

This old woman, taking a snooze in the sun, is my other child, "Calico". I have had her for almost 20 years. That is really old for a cat. She has been around for so long that she has become like one of my children.

Come on In!